Selling During The Spring | Jumping Into The RIGHT Time

Selling During The Spring | Jumping Into The RIGHT Time

  • Cheryl Lynch
  • 03/8/23

Spring is in the air, and homebuyers are coming out of hibernation. With the holidays over and the weather warming up, it’s the time of year that's typically considered a hot period for the housing market.

If you’ve considered selling your home, here's why spring is a great time to move forward with those plans:

1. Warmer weather makes buyers active.

2. The market is in the right place.

3. There are plenty of buyers.

4. You can get a head start.

As soon as the temperature rises above 50 degrees and daylight saving time ends, people start feeling motivated to buy real estate. Spring also brings new listings on the market, which gives buyers more options when deciding where they want to live.


The undisputed champion of seasons for selling a home. Not only are flowers in bloom and the sky blue for some great marketing photos, but also people are chomping at the bit to start the closing process so they can move in and get settled before fall.

Homebuyers have a tendency to taper off in the winter, and not just in parts of the country that typically have frigid weather. A mixture of holiday obligations and kids in school lead to more homes coming off the market temporarily and buyers pressing pause on checking out new listings.

By the time spring hits, cabin fever has people anxious to start touring homes. Dina Gorrell, a real estate agent for Redfin focused on the northern Virginia area, says the first two weeks of April have been the busiest so far in 2019. "When the blossoms come out, everyone goes nuts for it," she says.


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