Let’s Celebrate Women’s History Month With Women In Real Estate

Let’s Celebrate Women’s History Month With Women In Real Estate

  • Cheryl Lynch
  • 03/2/23

Women have made major progress in the field of real estate over the last decade or so. Their income has increased and they are moving into more senior roles at real estate firms. With this growth has come a rise in numbers and more power when it comes to land transactions as well. The result is a growing number of women Realtors with their own teams and agencies who are flourishing in the business!


Women have been part of the real estate industry since its beginning in the late 1700’s. But in the early days, they mostly performed admin duties– shocking, right? By the late 1800’s, women slowly started to move into the roles of brokers and agents.

Women are an important part of the real estate industry, both past and present. Since then, the real estate industry has transformed a great deal. Every year the percentage of women in real estate grows, and not surprisingly, they bring plenty of innovation and change with them.


Women currently dominate the residential real estate market and are becoming more prevalent in other aspects of the industry as well. There is still a vast difference between what men and women are paid.

Women are increasingly becoming leaders in the real estate industry. In 2005, only 8% of women earned between $100,000 and $250,000, but this increased to 11% by 2010. The picture looks worse in the commercial real estate market, which is still dominated by men across all specializations. In 2004, only 8% of women earned above $250,000 compared to 34% for men.

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