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Seller Design Offering

Enhance your property's appeal and maximize its marketability with our premier interior design services. Our team specializes in transforming spaces to attract potential buyers, ensuring every room reflects modern trends and timeless elegance.

Our services include upgrading key areas of your property to boost functionality and aesthetic appeal, as well as expert staging to create an inviting atmosphere that resonates with buyers. By optimizing layouts, selecting high-impact color schemes, and incorporating stylish yet functional furnishings, we showcase your property's best features.

Plus, take advantage of special financing options from Compass Concierge, providing up to $40,000 with no interest to clients that have a signed Listing Agreement.  All funds used will be due at the close of escrow.  Trust us to make your property irresistibly attractive, helping you achieve a faster sale at a higher price.


Seller Quick Sale Offering


Our real estate investors are an efficient route for the owner that wants to sell a non-pristine home but does not have the means or motivation to invest in the property. This option provides a quick, as-is sale with minimal effort, albeit at a lower price.


Buyer Design Offering

Imagine stepping into a home that reflects your personal style and meets your every need. With our Buyer Design Offering, you can choose from a range of upgrade packages that include new countertops, flooring, paint, and home furnishings. Our expert partners will handle everything from design to completion, ensuring a hassle-free experience.