San Juan Capistrano

Step into a world where history, charm, and culture blend seamlessly

Welcome to San Juan Capistrano

San Juan Capistrano, a town steeped in history and enriched with cultural heritage, offers a living tapestry of California's past and present. Renowned for its iconic Spanish mission, this neighborhood is a kaleidoscope of historic architecture, echoing the tales of times gone by. Walking through its streets feels like a journey through history, with each corner revealing a piece of the past.

In addition to its historical allure, San Juan Capistrano radiates a unique cultural vibrancy. Art galleries, museums, and cultural events bring life and color to the neighborhood, while the scenic beauty of parks and open spaces adds a touch of tranquility. The community, bound by a deep sense of pride in preserving its heritage, welcomes newcomers with open arms, inviting them to be part of its charming tapestry.


What to Love

  • Historic Mission: The iconic Mission San Juan Capistrano is a symbol of California's past
  • Equestrian Culture: A haven for horse lovers with its equestrian facilities and trails
  • Scenic Beauty: Lush landscapes and serene natural surroundings
  • Cultural Richness: Vibrant art scene and engaging community events
  • Architectural Diversity: A mix of historic and modern styles reflecting the neighborhood's evolution


Local Lifestyle

San Juan Capistrano's lifestyle is a harmonious blend of historic reverence and modern living. Residents take pride in their equestrian culture, with horseback riding being a popular pastime. The neighborhood's peaceful ambiance is complemented by its scenic beauty, offering a serene retreat from the hustle of city life. Community events and cultural festivals add a layer of vibrancy, making it a lively and engaging place to live.


Dining and Entertainment

San Juan Capistrano's dining scene is as rich and diverse as its history. Ramos House Café, set in a charming historic Victorian house, serves Southern-inspired cuisine in an enchanting outdoor setting. For a unique dining experience, Trevor’s at the Tracks offers a blend of global flavors in a beautifully restored train depot.

For BBQ enthusiasts, Bad to the Bone BBQ promises a savory experience with its mouth-watering smoked meats. El Adobe, another culinary gem, delights with its Mexican and Southwestern dishes.


Things to Do

San Juan Capistrano brims with activities and attractions. The Swallows Day Parade and Mercado, celebrating the swallows' return to Mission San Juan Capistrano, is a vibrant and colorful event. The Mission San Juan Capistrano itself is a major cultural attraction, offering a glimpse into the past through its preserved architecture and gardens.

For a tranquil escape, Los Rios Park in the historic district is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Music lovers will find a haven at The Coach House, known for its eclectic range of live performances and concerts.



Families in San Juan Capistrano benefit from excellent educational opportunities. San Juan Hills High School offers a comprehensive academic and extracurricular program. San Juan Elementary School caters to younger students with a focus on foundational learning. Capistrano Valley Christian Schools provide private Christian education, and Saddleback College nearby offers diverse higher education options.


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