Dana Point

Discover a scenic coastal gem where charm meets luxury

Welcome to Dana Point

Dana Point, a picturesque seaside town, epitomizes coastal living with its stunning cliffs, panoramic ocean views, and a tranquil yet upscale ambiance. Nestled along the California coast, this charming community offers a unique blend of natural beauty and refined sophistication. Its vibrant harbor, flanked by yachts and sailboats, serves as the town's focal point, embodying its deep connection to maritime heritage.

The allure of Dana Point is more than just its scenic beauty. The city thrives on a laid-back lifestyle, merged seamlessly with luxurious amenities and fine dining experiences. The streets of Dana Point echo the relaxed rhythms of a coastal retreat, while its upscale boutiques and restaurants cater to a discerning clientele. The town's commitment to marine conservation and celebration of the nautical lifestyle make it an enchanting place for those seeking an exclusive seaside haven.


What to Love

  • Picturesque Coastal Scenery: Immerse yourself in breathtaking views of cliffs and ocean vistas
  • Upscale, Relaxed Lifestyle: Experience the perfect balance of luxury and tranquility
  • Rich Maritime Heritage: Engage with the town's deep-rooted connection to the sea
  • Vibrant Community Events: Enjoy an array of local festivals and gatherings
  • Exceptional Dining Options: Savor gourmet meals with stunning ocean backdrops


Local Lifestyle

Dana Point's lifestyle is a harmonious blend of relaxation, luxury, and outdoor adventure. Residents enjoy access to some of California's most beautiful beaches, renowned for their surfing and whale-watching spots. The community is tight-knit, often gathering for various festivals and events that showcase the local culture and spirit. For those who love the sea, the boating and yachting scene is unparalleled, offering an exclusive maritime experience.


Dining and Entertainment

In Dana Point, dining is an experience unto itself. Chart House, located on the waterfront, is a testament to this, where fine dining meets breathtaking ocean views. For a touch of sophistication, The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, offers multiple dining options, including Raya for Latin-inspired cuisine and enoSTEAK for an upscale steakhouse experience. Another culinary gem, Cannons Seafood Grill, serves a plethora of fresh seafood dishes complemented by mesmerizing water views. For a more casual yet equally enjoyable dining experience, Coastal Kitchen and Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern are local favorites, offering a blend of delicious fare and relaxed atmospheres.


Things to Do

Dana Point is a treasure trove of activities and attractions. The Dana Point Harbor is a bustling hub, perfect for a leisurely stroll, waterfront dining, or embarking on a sailing adventure. For beach enthusiasts, Doheny State Beach offers sandy shores and inviting waters ideal for a day under the sun. The annual Tall Ships Festival brings history to life with its array of historic vessels and maritime activities. Wine connoisseurs will delight in the Dana Point Wine Festival, a showcase of exquisite wines set against the backdrop of this stunning coastal city.



Families moving to Dana Point have access to quality education within the Capistrano Unified School District. Dana Hills High School is known for its comprehensive curriculum and vibrant extracurricular scene. For younger students, Richard Henry Dana Elementary School offers a solid educational foundation. Monarch Bay Montessori Academy provides an alternative, child-centered learning approach, while Opportunities for Learning offers a unique, flexible education model. These institutions reflect Dana Point's commitment to diverse and high-quality educational opportunities.


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