5 Things to Look for When Searching for Homes

5 Things to Look for When Searching for Homes

  • The Lynch Group
  • 10/1/22
There’s nothing more exciting than exploring the possibilities for curating your new property to fit your lifestyle. While homebuying presents its challenges, the reward of landing the perfect space for you and your family provides a platform for deeply enhancing your quality of life. With the ability to design a home with all of the amenities you desire, comes a need for a keen eye for detail and a definitive checklist of your homebuying needs. Consider this your opportunity to reimagine your future, and to move forward with bold strokes to create the perfect life you’ve always imagined living.

Before you start this exciting process, here are a few things to keep an eye out for that’ll help you find your ideal home.

Location: A neighborhood with the right amenities

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The location of your home is the only factor you can’t change. You can remodel, add, or remove anything else. Location is also one of the critical factors in determining the long-term value of your home. Be aware of any future developments in the area that may help or hinder your property value. Your local real estate agent and the Chamber of Commerce are good resources for having a pulse on future developments. Generally, any new developments in the area are a sign of a robust local economy, though not all developments increase property values. The location and neighborhood also play a role in your quality of life.

Are you hoping to be close to upscale restaurants like Nick’s San Clemente, which offers innovative and diverse culinary options? Do you want to live close to designer boutiques or places for luxury shopping experiences? What about local green spaces and beaches? How close do you want to be to California’s stunning parks?

Whatever your needs, determining the exact right neighborhood for you can be a key to finding long-term happiness in your new home. Each neighborhood has its own vibe, and you want to find the neighborhood that fits your personality. If you want to buy a home as an investment property, or you envision the space as your forever home, thinking about location will greatly enhance your ability to make the space exactly what you desire.

Size of the home: Spacious enough to meet your long-term needs

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Are you a new parent looking for some extra room for your growing family? Perhaps you’re a recent retiree looking for some extra space to relax with your loved ones. In any case, having the right amount of space in your home is an important aspect of creating your perfect place.

Are you hoping to add a pool or a sauna to your property in the near future? Does the garage have enough space to fit all of your cars and storage? Whether you want to make sure your new home has enough yard space for grandkids to run around in, or you want to know which part of your new property will be best for hosting a lavish family celebration, understanding how much space you need ahead of time will make your homebuying search much easier.

Age of the home: Move-in ready, or renovate and customize

The age of your new property can greatly determine your ability to alter it to your needs. Homebuilding trends and design differ as time passes. Knowing the era the home was built in and its architectural style will let you know what sort of limitations you may encounter when redesigning a space to fit your needs. Of course, historic homes have a distinct charm that newer homes can’t replicate, but be sure to consider how they accommodate your modern lifestyle requirements.

Preference in terms of the age of the home can greatly vary—you may want a home with authentic Victorian woodwork, or you may want e a truly open concept that allows you to enhance the flow of your space. If your considerations lean more towards the character of the home, it’s important to catalog the history of the home’s prior renovations. Depending on what work has previously been done to the home, new and creative ways of imagining the space in your perfect vision may emerge and excite you. For those looking for a new place to call home, consider which of San Clemente’s most popular architectural styles is your favorite.

School districts: Best places to send your children

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Regardless of whether or not you have school-aged children, the school district in which you purchase your new property can impact its value. Of course, if you have kids in elementary, middle, or high school, finding the right school district, or knowing that you’re in the appropriate area to send them to a local private school, can massively impact your experience and satisfaction with your new home.

It’s not just about academics either. Consider local sports teams, theater organizations, or literary groups that you may want to have your child participate in. Is a college-prep school going to be the best way to make sure your child attends a highly-rated collegiate institution? If so, how far do you want to live away from one such institution? For those seeking an elite and well-rounded education for their kids, knowing which school districts are the strongest will have a huge effect on which area you’d prefer to have a home in. School districts can also greatly impact your property taxes, so be sure to do your research ahead of time.

Talented local real estate agents

Homebuying is easier when you have the right real estate agent in your corner. Luckily, for those looking for San Clemente real estate, the talented professionals at The Lynch Group are happy to help you find your perfect Californian oasis. With their expertise, you can rest assured knowing that knowledgeable and caring professionals are on your side. Your dream beachside home awaits!

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