Give Your Fireplace an Upgrade With These Easy Ideas

Give Your Fireplace an Upgrade With These Easy Ideas

  • The Lynch Group
  • 01/7/22
A fireplace will draw attention to your home and attract everyone who enters the space where it is located.
This is fine if your fireplace is the focal point of your home. But if it isn’t impressive enough, your guests might prefer to look elsewhere. You may not like how your fireplace fits into your furniture, even if it has no major issues. What are your options?
There are a variety of ways to make your fireplace look great and have it ready for you to display.
There are many options, depending on what type of fireplace you have or how you decorate your room, but you should be capable of finding a way to make your fireplace look better.

Update Your Surround

You can change the appearance of your fireplace by changing the materials around it. A good amount of fireplaces have a brick surround around the opening. This brickwork can be tiled to change the look of the fireplace.
For changing the appearance of your fireplace surround, textured and patterned tiles can be very useful. You can also make changes to the fireplace surround tile, provided that they are fire-safe and heat-safe.
To enhance the exterior appearance of your fireplace surround, you can add wood molding or other decorative accents. These accents can be used to help control the appearance of the surround and blend it in with your overall room design. These accents can be used to give your fireplace a mantle, or any other decorative touches that you were lacking.

Reviving the Room

You don’t have to make changes in the immediate area around the fireplace. You can also make changes to the rest the room. This helps blend the fireplace and the overall decorative design. It brings out colors and textures that may otherwise seem out of place.
You can also shift decorative and furniture items to focus on the fireplace, making it a focal point of the room. This allows guests to look at the fireplace from the front and bask in its glow rather than hiding behind it.
You can make other changes to improve the fit of your fireplace in the room. A large painting or other decorative object can be placed in the space above the fireplace to give it a more decorative appearance. You can make your fireplace screen more attractive or add a decorative screen if it doesn’t already exist. This will give you safety and security during times when the fireplace is not in use.

Total Fireplace Redesigns

These recommendations assume that your fireplace is in good shape and needs some attention to make it fit better. It may take a little more effort to revive a fireplace that has suffered damage from bricks, tiles or hardware. While a handful of the same factors apply, however, there are some options that you can make to improve its safety and aesthetics.

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