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Different than traditional Real Estate Firms, divorce specialized agents adhere to a strict set of objectives that begin early in the divorce process.  A home is warrantied, and an inspection is executed for any outstanding issues including mold, termites, roof, or pool problems.  A title search is performed to ensure the property has a clear record of title and no unknown liens. When appropriate, the home condition is strategically repaired or upgraded by professional home repair and improvement experts. The home’s presentation is also important to maximize the home’s appeal to prospective buyers by decluttering, depersonalizing, strategic cleaning, home staging, etc.  With all elements in place, an accurate price range is then determined.


Often during a divorce, it’s not unusual to find one party wanting to keep the marital home. RCS-DTM REALTORS® offers a solid projection of what parties can expect to the net after a sale which helps the couple make smart financial choices. When one party cannot afford to keep the property “sole and separate”, it may be better to sell the home and invest in a new property.  This objective approach gives both parties solid information to make educated decisions.


Many divorcing couples may feel one agent, or the other, is biased to one of the parties through personal relationships and this is where an RCS-DTM Agent is different. These agents take a collaborative team approach to manage the intricacies related to divorces. By representing the “best interest of the house, not the individuals”, each side is treated equally without bias. RCS-DTM agents communicate directly with the attorneys to keep both sides current with the details of the real estate transaction and activity leading up to the dissolution of the property. These agents have trusted partnerships with mediators, financial planners, CPAs, short sale experts, etc. who provide their clients with vital divorce information. RCS-DTM real estate divorce methods are extremely effective and clients are handled with an exceptional level of care.


Designated and Specializing in Divorce Real Estate, Cheryl Lynch and her Team were drawn to the divorce element of real estate because they began seeing a significant percentage of clients who were in desperate need of objective, non-bias, specialized representation that just did not exist. Over nearly two decades, Cheryl has built a team of specialized professionals to deal with the challenges of divorce and feels very blessed and gratified to help every single client to a path of resolution and the beginning of a new life.

Your Divorce Real Estate Experts

With the national divorce rate between 40%-50%, the family home remains one of the most valuable assets in divorce that typically must be sold. NOT selling the house is among the riskiest divorce options and can potentially have future disastrous results. To protect your rights NOW, you need a real estate agent who specializes in divorce real estate – an RCS-DTM (Real Estate Collaborative Specialist-Divorce) REALTOR®.

As RCS-DTM REALTORS®, The Lynch Group is specially trained to neutralize divorce real estate and treat the house sale as a business transaction, working in the “best interest of the house” and each divorcing spouse.

Where one spouse retains the house post divorce, either or both spouses risk significant, adverse exposure from liens/clouded title, mortgage/consumer credit decline, default/foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other potentially devastating post-divorce financial/standard of living issues.

We examine the legal, financial and emotional interaction between the disposition of the former family home and issues of marital/separate property, title/joint tenancy, real property and other assets such as valuation of property, calculation of current and future house equity, capital gains and other tax and deduction issues, post-divorce standard of living, professional cooperation for mutual gain (time/effort/money) and emotional closure.

To ensure a successful resale (less time for the most money), we explore the latest in strategic home preparation featuring Condition (professional home/termite inspectors, home repair and improvement experts) and Presentation (decluttering, depersonalizing, strategic cleaning, home staging, etc.). We leverage the expertise of divorce and Real Estate Related Professionals (family law attorneys, title companies, mortgage experts, finance/tax professionals, insurance advisors, emotional/psychological experts, etc.) working for the “best interest of the house” and each divorcing spouse.

The Lynch Group is essential for divorcing home owners to successfully represent the seemingly separate interests of divorcing homeowners. This is especially true given sellers are many times at odds with the sale and each other.

BOTTOM LINE, What you don’t know during your divorce will hurt you long after the divorce is finalized. Major mistakes in divorce real estate are preventable during your divorce but are not fixable after your divorce. Keep in mind divorce does not automatically cancel or sever your joint mortgage or any joint ownership of your house. These mistakes often result in damaged credit, mortgage default, foreclosure or even bankruptcy. These mistakes ruin finances, families and futures years after divorce.

To protect yourself and your financial future, make sure you know what you owe, what you own, what you are getting into, what you are getting out of, and most importantly – what you may be getting stuck with … before it’s too late!

Whether your divorce is completed, just beginning or somewhere in between, The Lynch Group can help you determine your best options now for a fair property settlement and a stronger financial future.

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